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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dogs Sniff Out Bedbugs

Bed bugs are becoming such pests nationwide that, for the first time, a summit is being held Wednesday in Chicago to find solutions to get rid of them. A Nashville company is one of a few with a unique way of finding bed bugs. Carley the German shepherd and her handler, Diana Sosa hunt down bed bugs in hotels and homes.Bed bugs are taking over department stores, hotels and homes, say bed bug experts. The tiny blood suckers live on human blood. Experts said bed bugs come out at night and nest in mattresses, paper and fabric."In many cases, we come into someone's home, they are very, very upset a lot of times," said Chuck Nelson of Dog Inspectors. "They're crying. It interrupts their sleep."Nelson has two bed bug-hunting dogs. He said he usually gets a few calls a week, but lately, he's been getting several calls a day to find bed bugs for exterminators to kill."The problem is growing nationwide," Nelson said. "You know, back in the '50s and '60s, they outlawed DDT, an effective pesticide for bed bugs."Jim Roberts of Brentwood is a health care executive who travels a lot. He said he hasn't seen any bed bugs in his home, but he wants to be certain. Nelson said even five-star hotels are becoming infested with bed bugs. Frequent travelers bring them home.Carley inspected to make sure Roberts' home was safe from top to bottom to bed."They can be in your luggage or clothes; it doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be on your person," Roberts said.Nelson and his dogs will also attend a bed bug conference at the Metro Health Department on Wednesday morning. Go to DogInspectors.com or call 615-771-6842 to learn more about the company.

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