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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Franklin High School 100th Graduating Class

This year Franklin High School is marking a major milestone: the 100th graduating class of seniors! The FHS Class of 2010 graduation is rapidly approaching! Soon, an overnight event will be held at FHS to celebrate it's 'Class of the Century'!. As Franklin High School celebrates its rich history of turning 100 years old, Project Graduation will carry on it's unique tradition for the fifth year in a row! 452 seniors will be invited to participate an overnight celebration in their honor. Parents will feel great, knowing their graduate is safe with their classmates. Graduation night can be one of the most dangerous nights in a teen's life. Project Graduation is a national movement that was created by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers to keep teenagers safe at graduation time. Statistics collected nationally over a 2 year period find that 180 to 260 teens are killed in car accidents each weekend during peak time for graduations, and over half of those deaths are related to alcohol use.

FHS' Project Graduation began in 2006 by a group of concerned parents who wanted to offer a safe, alcohol, and drug free way for students to celebrate graduation together. The Franklin community plays a critical role in the support of Project Graduation. The celebrated success of the program would be impossible without the financial support of parents of FHS, FHS alumni, local businesses and friends. For those who have contributed in the past, we truly appreciate the support you have given. For those who are considering supporting this worthwhile event for the first time -- we need you!
All donations are tax deductible.

Please send donations to:
FHS Project Graduation
c/o Laura Watson

PMB 193
2020 Fieldstone Parkway, Suite 900
Franklin, TN 37069

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