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Friday, May 21, 2010

Nashville Flood Jobs and FEMA Position on Undocumented Immigrants

 Below are links and numbers for opportunities to access flood related jobs in the area, and to help with FEMA benefits for American children of undocumented parents.

Skilled Job for Concrete Mixer Truck Operator

The Tennessee Department of Labor has a new page to help direct people toward flood related jobs which you can reach via clicking the link  below:


The 2,500 clean jobs have been filed, but that there are others. If someone cannot access the internet to search at the link above, you should have them call the ennessee Career Center at:

2200 Rosa L Parks Boulevard - (615) 253-8920
3763 Nolensville Pike, Nashville - (615) 741-3556
Ste 210, 621 Mainstream Drive, Nashville - (615) 862-8890

Undocumented Immigrants From Fema's website:
If I am an undocumented immigrant, am I eligible for any assistance from FEMA?

•You may be eligible for short-term, non-cash, emergency aid provided by FEMA.
•You will not be personally eligible for FEMA cash assistance programs (Individuals and Households Program Assistance); however, you may apply on behalf of your U.S. citizen child, or another adult household member may qualify the household for assistance.
•Even if you or your family does not qualify for FEMA cash assistance (Individuals and Households Program Assistance), please call FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 or 1-800-462-7585 (TTY for hearing/speech-impaired) for information and to be referred to other programs that can assist you regardless of your immigration status.
If I am an undocumented immigrant, can I apply on behalf of my child who was born in the United States?

•You can apply on behalf of your minor child (under 18 years of age) for FEMA cash assistance (Individuals and Households Program Assistance) if you live together.
•You will not have to provide any information on your immigration status or sign any documents regarding your status.
Do I need a Social Security Number to register for FEMA cash assistance (Individual and Households Program Assistance)?

•If you are applying on your minor child's behalf, you should provide his/her Social Security Number. Read more:


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