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Monday, May 17, 2010

You Can Still Get Flood Insurance

"I don't live in a flood plain so I can't get flood insurance"; "Flood insurance is too expensive." These are a few of the statements made after the latest rounds of flooding in Nashville. The truth is: Any place can flood. Just ask Noah! The confusion comes in to what is considered a "higher risk" zone or a "not specifically recognized high risk zone".

If your property is in a zone "X" ( not specifically recognized high risk zone) then in most cases the flood insurance will run you no more than about $355/ year for 250k dollars in dwelling coverage subject to a 1k dollar deductible

The following chart of previous Nashville floods it is important to note that out of the top 10 floods of all time in Nashville based on the height of the Cumberland River, our May 2010 flood ranks #10.

1793 56.2*
1808 53.8
1826 53.2
1847 55.0
1862 52.0
1865 52.0
1882 55.3
1926 56.2
1937 53.8
2010 51.9

*later accounts of the 1926 floods said the water rose higher in 1793

This past month showed that even with the dam and levee system Nashville is still at risk for flooding. Unless new steps are taken to prevent future floods, we might face additional damage to our city and loss of life. As you can see, the May 2010 floods are not "millenial" by any means. Historically the Cumberland River flooded more or less every 25 to 35 years.

Email Rob Mitchell with your name and property address and he will give you a free flood determination. Not much is free in the world today so you should act quick. Renters can also get coverage for their personal property as well. (robmtchl@msn.com)

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