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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting a Dog Hot Burns Down Home

Randy Hartman woke up to a loud whoosh and flames everywhere."I yelled to my wife, 'The house is on fire. Get up,'" he said.Carrie Hartman, his wife, grabbed a fire extinguisher and told her husband to grab what was most precious."I'm fighting the fire while he's getting the babies. The fire extinguisher goes out," said Carrie Hartman.The Hartmans and their three children made it out of their Columbia home just before flames completely leveled the house.Will, 11, was burned on his back and forehead by melting, hot insulation and ceiling tiles. Days later, the child was still stunned by the early Sunday morning horror.Maury County firefighters believe the blaze started on the back porch. The Hartmans were trying to keep their dog warm by putting a heat lamp and mattress inside his pen."I put a heat lamp on it, which I would advise others not to do," said Randy Hartman.Friends and strangers have been stopping by offering assistance. Carrie loved to bake and lost everything."So I've lost all my cake pans," she said. "We got our family, and that's all we needed."The Hartmans said they plan to rebuild further back on their property.The Hartmans said the Red Cross, friends, family and strangers have been great, but they still need pillows, blankets and dishes.A fund has been set up for the Hartmans at Community First Bank in Columbia. Donors can ask for the Hartman Family Fund.

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