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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gang Member Arrested in Murfreesboro Near Oakland HS

Alleged Gang Member Arrested in Murfreesboro Near Oakland HS

July 22, 2010

30-Year old Corey Lillard is in trouble with the long arm of the law. The Riviera Drive, Murfreesboro resident was charged with 3-counts of felony possession of a drug. He was also charged for illegally possesion a firearm and for theft.

Patrol officers caught Lillard driving his Chevy Impala down Chariot Drive near Oakland High School. Police pulled the culprit over after he ran a stop sign. After the stop was made Lillard allegedly tried to flee the scene on foot, according to a report filed Wednesday. Officers quickly put an end to that reported attempt to escape.

Police arrested Lillard and noted that he is believed to be a gang member with the Rollin’ 40’s street gang. During the arrest marijuana and a 9mm handgun that was found to be stolen were seized.

Lillard will appear before a judge on September 27th.

Also arrested in the stop was 25-year old Bryan Eubanks. He faces nearly identical charges.

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