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Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Ride for $125

Ace High Ballooning
Hot Air Balloon Adventure
$ 125 buy now

LivingSocial crew, please prepare for lift-off. Today's deal will have you on cloud nine: Pay $125 for a $250 hot air balloon ride by Ace High Ballooning. Adventures depart from the Franklin, Brentwood, or Arrington areas and take a total of about three hours, with nearly an hour spent gliding high above. Please turn off and stow all electronic devices -- after all, when you're sailing through the friendly skies with your sweetheart or best buds, we promise you won't need any extra stimulation. On landing, you'll be treated to a Traditional Champagne Ceremony (or sparkling cider). Just be careful when disembarking, as your perspective may have shifted in flight.

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