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Friday, July 9, 2010

Rep Joe Carr: Illegals Must Go

48th District State Representative Joe Carr said Tennessee must be bold in crafting legislation in light of the federal government’s lawsuit targeting Arizona’s new illegal immigration law. Carr has been a staunch advocate and leader on illegal immigration, working on several pieces of legislation and passing a resolution in support of the new Arizona law.

The Lascassas Republican commented, “Washington has showed us time and time again they are not capable of producing a solution to the illegal immigration problem in this country. Indeed the Obama Administration has shown a total disregard for the enforcement of existing federal law with regard to the growing problem associated with illegal immigration. It is going to take state leaders taking a stand, and I applaud Arizona for standing on principle as the federal government once again tramples on states’ rights.”

Representative Carr introduced and passed a resolution through the State House in May commending Arizona for passing a law that allows law enforcement officials to require citizenship documentation on those individuals who may be stopped for a violation of another offense. The issue gained national attention, and just this week the Obama Administration has announced it will sue Arizona to block them from enforcing it.

Carr said, “It is outrageous that the Obama Administration is suing Arizona for attempting to enforce a federal law that the Justice Department refuses to acknowledge is even relevant. The irony with regard to the Obama Administration lawsuit is that the Arizona law only codifies at the state level the existing federal law with regard to illegal immigrants being in the country unlawfully. Furthermore, the hypocrisy of the Obama Administration is appalling given that they have failed to enforce the federal law allowing cities to have sanctuary policies with regard to illegal immigrants in their respective communities. Arizona should not be sued, or boycotted; Arizona should be commended for doing the honorable thing.”

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