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Monday, March 7, 2011

Barbershop Returns to Franklin TN

The Barbershop Returns to Franklin TN after Nearly Disappearing Forever

 Franklin, TN Men long for the return of the classic American barbershop where they can get real men's hair cuts, complete with hot facial shaves and men's grooming services their fathers enjoyed at the local corner barbershop. The 21st Century man wants to get away from the constant chatter and gossip among women in the unisex salons. Though they appreciate the finished product, men are not amused with the alien look of women with tin foil in their hair and green goop on their fingers.
In the late 1950's, neighborhood barber shops, along with the local bastion of urban masculinity, began to disappear. When "flower-power" brought about changes in men's hairstyles, many barbers rode out the storm working fewer and fewer hours. Eventually the classic barber shop owners packed up and moved to newly built shopping centers, opening unisex salons that offered a "one size fits all" approach to their services. It looked like the corner barber shop was gone for good.

Master barber, Joe Grondin, had a desire to create a modern barbershop that was more like a men's club than a beauty salon. He opened the doors to the first Roosters in 1999 and has been opening one location at a time ever since. "I try not to get ahead of myself," said Grondin, with a characteristic wit that has become part of what he calls his "chairside" manner. Roosters Men's Grooming Centers are currently open for business in several cities all across America, and are now expanding to meet the growing demand.

Ron Rowlett shared the desire of men who longed for the return of the old-time corner barber shop that provides only men's grooming needs, including men's haircuts and hot facial shaves. With a comfortable professional atmosphere, Roosters is the classic American barbershop in Franklin, reconfigured and updated for the needs of 21st Century Men.

Men of all ages enjoy 25 to 30 minutes dedicated to servicing their specific grooming needs, backed by Roosters 100% satisfaction guarantee. Clients also enjoy a masculine environment with large comfortable man-sized leather chairs, flat screen TV showing only sports or news, and reading material such as Money, Sports Illustrated, Car & Driver, Popular Science, Discovery, Golf Digest, and MEN's Journal.
Today's man deserves better than the 10 minute haircut from discounting competitors. He is not interested in the Metro-sexual approach to services offered in their wife's Uni-sex beauty salon. Men want the good old-time barber shop that caters to all their professional grooming needs. Visit http://www.roostersmgc.com to learn more.

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