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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Puppy Mill Busted: Puppies in Peril and Need Your Help

The Tennessee State Fairgrounds was turned into a temporary shelter for scores of dogs that were seized from a home in Warren County.

According to the rescue group, Animal Rescue Corps of Washington, D.C., the dogs were seized Tuesday by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department from a home on Mears Road.

ARC said one dog was found in a cage with two dead dogs. The group said that dogs were being kept in wire hutches outside and in wooden crates in the basement.

In a news release, ARC said about 125 dogs were seized. Five birds were also found in the home, as well as seven dead dogs. The group said it began its investigation after receiving a tip about the condition of the dogs.

Wilma Jones, 80, lived at the home where the dogs were taken. ARC contacted the district attorney’s office, which is investigating possible animal cruelty charges.

Jones said she doesn't have kids and has never married, so these dogs were her babies. She said she loves them and feels dead inside now that they've been taken away.

Jones said this wasn't a puppy mill; that authorities have it all wrong. She has been doing this for 50 years and has spent a lot of time and money caring for so many pets. She did sell some of them, she said, but for the most part a large number of them were her pets.

Jones was not arrested, but she does have a court appearance April 5.

The public can help the dogs by donating items or their time. Email info@animalrescuecorps.org to help.

1 comment:

  1. Her babies? Then why were they laying in their own feces. Why were they living with dead dogs in the cage? Why were they covered in ticks and orange toned due to the rusty metal wire that they were forced to live on 24/7. She should have to live in a cage in the manner in which her 130 "babies" lived.