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Saturday, August 21, 2010

700 Club Slam M'boro Mosque

A controversial mosque in Murfreesboro received national attention Thursday morning after some controversial comments by "700 Club" host Pat Robertson.
During the broadcast, Robertson said that politicians in small towns could easily be bribed in accepting payoffs to approve a mosque."Are you telling me that 200 people in Murfreesboro, Tenn., are able to raise millions of dollars to build that facility?” said co-host Terry Anne Meeuwsen.“Imagine what $10,000 does to a small, local politician in a small, local town?” said Robertson.“Obviously a lot,” said Meeuwsen.“You can corrupt them with $200,000 or $300,000 I understand, in some areas," said Robertson.The statements aren't sitting well with the mayor of Rutherford County."There was indication that these people down here in Murfreesboro would be willing to accept a bribe. I really think that is really ridiculous and absurd. I have a lot of other words: condescending, disgraceful, judgmental and even slanderous," said Rutherford County Mayor Ernest Burgess.Robertson made the comments following a story by a "700 Club" reporter who laid out the local Muslims' plans to build a mosque in Rutherford County.“These fellows come in with pot loads of money. They don't have restrictions on what they can carry in and out, and they can bribe politicians, just like the gaming industry in Mississippi and South Carolina. They could buy elections because they have so much money," said Robertson.The mayor said he doesn’t believe Robertson’s statements."Very, very disappointing. We have a person who holds himself out to be a leader in an important and well-known Christian-based organization and doing some things I don't feel reflect in the Christian faith," said Burgess.The phones in the mayor's office rang steadily Thursday. Most of the callers were from out of state and took Robertson's comments literally, believing local politicians' votes were bought."We have done nothing all of our election officials tried to do our very best to uphold the laws of the state of Tennessee and the United States," said Burgess.

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