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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Revolving Door For Criminals In Nashville

Recent crime in East Nashville has nearly tripled. What's more frustrating for homeowners and police is that even when they catch the criminals, it's often just a matter of days before they're right back on the streets, making it hard to get a handle on the problem"We were out of town when this last one occurred across the street from us," said homeowner Jeremy Edwards of a recent burglary.Last week alone, police said, they've had more than 30 burglaries in East Nashville, and this week so far, more than 20."This is the first time we've been that high that I can remember in a long time," said Nashville police Cmdr. Robert Nash.Homeowners are on edge, and well as police -- so much so that Friday, they announced a new plan of attack."The past week, we have initiated kind of a task force," said Nash. "We've taken some people from some other shifts, put them together with detectives we meet daily."But will a task force do the trick? Many have their doubts."We will see if they can actually do something. "Task forces are, personally, a bunch of talk," Edwards said.Out of the last 38 burglars police have arrested, they said, 36 are already back out on the streets."With the criminals getting back out on the street as quickly as they do, there's something to be said about that," said Edwards. "If they come right back out, they'll just do the same things; it's not a deterrent."Police said people should keep track of the serial numbers on their property because they said in many cases, police are making arrests and recovering stolen goods but can't return anything without the serial numbers.

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