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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Will Hero Lose Auto Insurance?

A young driver is being praised by police for causing a wreck that helped safely stop a man who was having a medical emergency.Billy Hoskins, 21, was recently driving along Highway 41A toward Shelbyville, Tenn., when he saw the man driving erratically.“Three cars ahead (of me) I could see a gentleman just waving his arms profusely and had no control over the vehicle whatsoever. As soon as I could see him having the seizure, I dropped into the (emergency lane), went around both vehicles, dropped back over into the driving lane, and immediately started slowing down. He crashes into the back of me. We come to a halt. He’s spinning tires,” said Hoskins.Hoskins’ tailgate was smashed. The other car, driven by a man named Robin Hill, was burning rubber while hooked to Hoskins' bumper.“He was stuck straight out on the accelerator and completely unconscious,” said Hoskins.The police officers who responded to the incident can't recommend that other drivers attempt what Hoskins did, but they are admiring it.“I don't know whether I could let someone come up behind me and hit me like that,” said Lt. Trey Clanton, who investigated the crash.Clanton said he's never seen anything like this in the 20 years he’s worked in law enforcement.“That stretch of road is very busy at that time of the morning at 8 a.m. I think he saved somebody's life out there,” said Clanton.So, how does Hoskins explain his act of heroism?“It really wasn't me. Once I saw what happened, it just happened,” said Hoskins.Hoskins said Hall has not contacted him and he said that's OK. He said he also doesn't care about damage to his truck.

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