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Thursday, June 17, 2010

5/3 Bank Robbed At Gunpoint

Fifth-Third Bank at 2927 South Rutherford Boulevard was robbed at 2:25 Thursday afternoon (6/17/2010). Murfreesboro Police spokesperson Kyle Evans told WGNS News that the suspect is a 230 pound white male with blond hair. He was wearing a brown jacket and baggy clothes. A silver pistol was used, and he escaped in a white Mazda car with gold hub cabs. Since this is a bank robbery, the FBI is working with local authorities on the case and the amount of money taken is not being released. However, it is believed that a dye pack may have exploded on the criminal. Left Photo: bank’s surveillance camera shows the robber carrying a bag for the money.

Later Afternoon Pursuit Out Manchester Highway

Police quickly set-up perimeters around the bank, but the suspect slipped through. He evidently laid-low for awhile, because shortly before 5:00 o’clock a car matching the description was spotted. A high speed pursuit began, and Murfreesboro Police called deputies from the Rutherford County Sheriffs Office to join them as the fast-moving Mazda roared out the Manchester highway. Coffee County authorities joined when the pursuit neared the county-line. Evans noted that around 5:30 the white Mazda seemed to have vanished again.
Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Murfreesboro Police Criminal Investigation Division at 615-893-2717. If you have any information, and would like to remain anonymous, contact CrimeStoppers at 615-893-STOP (7867). When you call CrimeStoppers, no one, not even the police—know who you are. Plus, if your tip leads to an arrest and conviction, it could be worth a cash reward of up to $1,000.

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