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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grand Jury To Revisit McNair Murder

A former Metro police officer who wrote a book contradicting conclusions about Steve McNair’s murder took his theories to a grand jury Friday. He now says he has more information he's never disclosed. "I will never believe that Sahel Kazemi pulled the trigger and shot Steve McNair four times. Never," said former Metro police officer Vincent Hill.Hill detailed his theories in a recently released book called “A Playbook for a Murder.” But Friday, he said he had many more details to share with the grand jury."(I have more) information that I chose to keep out of the book, for obvious reasons. I didn't want to present that until I could get it to this level," said Hill.On Friday, Hill presented his findings about former Tennessee Titan McNair to three members of a grand jury who could then take it to the full grand jury. They could take several actions, including dismissing it entirely or asking for a new investigation into McNair's death."The police department, without reservation, stands by its investigation," said Metro police spokesman Don Aaron.Police also point to Hill's own history that includes a resignation from Metro Police Department following allegations he lied about a police pursuit."If the only thing they can come at me with is a pursuit, I welcome it. Unfortunately, they would rather focus on that than the true issues. It's sad," said Hill.The grand jury could issue its findings next week.Police recommended Hill lose his certification after the pursuit incident, but the Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission, which oversees police training in Tennessee, ruled otherwise.

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