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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some Guys Love Chicken

Much has been written about travel and Gus's Fried Chicken.  GQ magazine famously listed it as one of the places you had to eat before you died and called Gus's chicken the best fried chicken on the planet. 

Kent, an engineer for Apple who lives in North Carolina, loves Gus's and rarely fails to make a visit when he is in town.  He has taken dozens of visitors to the downtown Gus's to eat plate after plate of chicken, guzzle bottle after bottle of beer, and eat slice after slice of chess pie still bubbling from its time in the oven.   

Conscious of what fried chicken can do to our waste lines he typically follows the meal with a three or four mile walk around Midtown to burn away some of the calories.  Recently he combined the two activities by walking from Starbucks at Union and McLean to the Gus's on Front.  After sating  with half a chicken , he walked to the Mississippi River just to say he did then made his way back up Union.  Here is a link to the route on Google maps.  The entire trip took him four hours, with an hour at Gus's.  They were packed as usual. 

How far would you walk for food you loved?  Have you ever made a special trip somewhere specifically to eat food?

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