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Friday, June 25, 2010

Native Americans Upset Over "New Tribes"

The founders and former commissioners of Indian Affairs have issued a denunciation of the current Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs.

The six-member TCIA recognized six groups as state-recognized tribes on June 19. The denunciation called the "illegal action" a "gross violation of state administrative policies that safeguard the public interest."

Four TCIA members are members of the recognized groups, often called culture clubs.

"Such illegitimate tribal recognition is an intentional fraud perpetrated on Cherokee, Lenape and Yuchi people to steal their political identities," the TCIA founders and former commissioners said in a news release. "Groups pretending to be Indian when a majority of them have no cultural or family affiliation with the tribes they claim as kin is a deception played on all the citizens of the state of Tennessee."

Reporter Dennis Ferrier is working on this story and will have more on Channel 4 News at 6:00.

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