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Friday, June 11, 2010

Songwriter Danny Tate May Lose Home

A judge ruled Friday that a Nashville singer-songwriter who was recently given back control of his life still has to pay up.There was a lot of what the judge called theatrics Friday in the ongoing saga involving Danny Tate's conservatorship. Fans of the man -- who, for many, was an 1980s icon -- showed up in court wearing T-shirts in support of him.In 2007, Tate's brother, David, was granted control of his life following concerns and evidence of Danny's cocaine abuse. That temporary conservatorship was dissolved in May, but the bitter battle continued Friday with attorneys on both sides fighting about who should be responsible for paying legal fees and other court costs that range in the tens of thousands of dollars.Danny's attorney said he's on the verge of bankruptcy and should not have to pay his brother's attorney's fees. The opposing counsel disagreed.In the end, probate Judge Randy Kennedy had the last say, forcing Danny to pay reasonable court costs and attorneys' fees.There was also a motion to place a lien on Danny's West Meade home. The judge said he would make no determination about that.

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