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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mudslide Not Covered By Homeowners Insurance:Costs $225,000 To Fix Home

Not only are some mudslide victims dealing with structural damage after the May flood, many must now fortify the land their homes sit on at astronomical prices. Trent Rosenbloom is a medical doctor on faculty at Vanderbilt University who deals with complex problems. He finally has met his match in his own west Nashville front yard. The call came while he was out of town with his family at a wedding.Rosenbloom's home suffered a huge double landslide: in the driveway and on the other side of the house, where a tree smashed through window followed by tons of mud.He said he thought he had a wonderful insurance policy, one that included sinkhole coverage, described as any movement of earth prompted by water action. He also thought that since the storm knocked down the tree that broke the window that allowed the mud in, that the triggering act for all the trouble was the storm breaking the tree.But after about a month of wrangling, Rosenbloom's insurance company paid out $8,400 for roof and window damage. The house will cost $100,000 to fix. The back yard will cost at least $125,000 to stabilize the hill."Right now, we are living on the goodness of the community while we sort this out," said Rosenbloom.The Rosenblooms have three children, all born and raised in the house.

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